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 Titles  Reviews  Performer(s)
 Blue Gardenia  Review  John Arpin
 Voodoo Queen  Review  Matthew Davidson
 Buon Ritmo Sempre Marcato  Review  Frank French
 La Bamboula  Review  Frank French
 Live and Lively    Frank French
 Bucktown in the 90's  Review  Frank French & Scott Kirby
 Creole Music    Frank French & Scott Kirby
 Live in Concert  Review  Frank French & Scott Kirby
 Carnavalesca    Frank French & The Phantom Band
 Frontiers: New World Piano Music  Review  Frank French, Scott Kirby & David Thomas Roberts
 Terra Verde  Review  Frank French, Scott Kirby & David Thomas Roberts
 Easy Winners  Review  Glenn Jenks
 Invitation to the Danza    Glenn Jenks
 Hidden Falls  Review  Brian Keenan
 River Bluffs    Brian Keenan
 Solo Piano  Review  Brian Keenan
 Centennial Sampler, Vol. 1  Review  Scott Kirby
 On Lincoln Place    Scott Kirby
 Ravenna  Review  Scott Kirby
 Maple Leaf Rag  Review  Morten Gunnar Larsen
 All the Keys & Then Some    Tom McDermott
 15 Ragtime Compositions  Review  David Thomas Roberts
 American Landscapes  Review  David Thomas Roberts
 Early Tangos to New Ragtime  Review  David Thomas Roberts
 New Orleans Streets  Review  David Thomas Roberts
 Lone Jack: The Ragtime of Today    Jack Rummel

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