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Barfota Jazzmen at
the Swedish Ragtime Society
March 6, 2004

Barfota Jazzmen in concert, March 2004

(Photo © 2004 Oleg Mezjuev)

The Barfota Jazzmen Ragtime Constellation from Sundsvall, Sweden in concert at the Swedish Ragtime Society's 2nd annual meeting on March 6, 2004, which was held at the Jazz Department in Stockholm. They played nine ragtime melodies, including DTR's Roberto Clemente.

Band members on the picture are (front row, left to right) Lars Kjellberg tb, Claes Ringqvist co, Kjell Sundin cl and Svante Nordell violin. In the background (from left to right) are Bertil Falk dm, Bengt "Bim" Ingelstam sous and Mats Fagerberg ban. The BJRC also had a pianist, Åke Dahlbäck (not on the picture).

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