The Terra Verde Corner

The Secrets of Terra Verde

The Painting

Scott Kirby, David Thomas Roberts, and Frank French talk about music,
life, shlock, rock, frustration, liberation, and the meaning of it all.

by Lynda Lester
Quest for ecstasy:
An interview with David Thomas Roberts

The journey home:
An interview with Scott Kirby

Music for reflection:
An interview with Frank French

"Terra Verde in musical terms signifies a restoration of tradition at the close of a musically chaotic century. It has a regressive dynamic to it as well as a progressive one. The return to the use of elements found in classic and romantic music reflects a healthy respect for tradition, a bridge to the classic. Its progressive dynamic is expressed by its intent to lead people to a higher plateau of understanding, a cultivation of sensibility, both in music and in life." -- Frank French

"Music is the most intimate, the most comforting, the most trusting, the most thorough of all creative languages. So if art is ultimately about touching the most remote regions of the human psyche, music is very well equipped to do that." -- David Thomas Roberts

"It's not just communication, it's communion: merging with another's soul." -- Scott Kirby

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