Ragtime Concert
at The Jazz Department
(Stockholm, 12/1-2002)

Per-Olof Karlström leading the 
record auction.

(Photo © 2002, Oleg Mezjuev)

During the record auction. People on the picture are (from left to right) Per-Axel Egnell (Täby), Per-Olof Karlström (secretary of the society), Sven Gustafsson (Stockholm, author of the excellent musical guide New Orleans från a till ö), Nils-Gunnar Anderby (author of the discography section in Gunnar Harding's book "Kreol"), Lars "Sumpen" Sundbom (priest from Blidö, cornettist), Peter Bendix (Stockholm, not member of the society), and Göran Södervall (Stockholm).

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Copyright © 2002 Oleg Mezjuev.
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