Ragtime Concert
at The Jazz Department
(Stockholm, 12/1-2002)

Bo Scherman, Gunnar Harding, and a few 
others during the quiz event.

(Photo © 2002, Oleg Mezjuev)

Some of the participants of the quiz event. The group of six people in the background consists of (from left to right) Anders Alm (clarinettist from Västerås, and also society's chef), Lennart Fält (Malmö, co-author of the ultimate George Lewis discography "Hymn to George"), Bo Scherman (Stockholm, owner of the Skivfynd Jazz & Blues record shop), Sven Ståhlberg (drummer from Stockholm), Gunnar Harding (book writer, author of "Kreol"), and Ola Pålsson (Stockholm, trumpeter in the "Kustbandet" and other bands).

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Copyright © 2002 Oleg Mezjuev.
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