Ragtime Poll #4

Ragtime Orchestras

What is your favourite ragtime orchestra?
  1. Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra - 16 (25%)
  2. Paragon Ragtime Orchestra - 10 (15%)
  3. New England Ragtime Ensemble - 9 (14%)
  4. New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra - 5 (7%)
  5. TurpinTyme Ragsters - 3 (4%)
  6. Chrysanthemum Ragtime Band - 2 (3%)
  7. Pacific Coast Ragtime Orch. - 2 (3%)
  8. New York Ragtime Orchestra - 1 (1%)
  9. Palm Court Theatre Ragt. Orch. - 0 (0%)
  10. Other (add comment) - 16 (25%)
64 Total votes

Period: 2003.01.23 - 2003.08.14

Additional Comments:

1. At least two other orchestras should be included, the Mont Alto Ragtime and Tango Orchestra and (Boulder CO) and Elite Syncopations (from somewhere on the U.S. east coast).

2. It's too bad Chrysanthemum is defunct as they could give Ophelia a run for their money. I live in San Francisco, so I get to hear Pacific Coast on a regular basis, and they're pretty good too. Still Ophelia is in a class by itself. Thanks. Lewis Motisher

3. New Century Ragtime Orchestra

4. barfota jazzmen, I admit it is not just a hard-core ragtime band. However, when they do the rags it is just great / P Arner

5. Barfota Jazzmen are my favourites. It is true that they are not solely into hard core ragtime but when they do the rags it soiunds just great/ P Arner

6. New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra are to me the ragtimers nonpareil - but don't overlook the Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra !!

7. I like the Elite Syncopators.

8. I voted for Paragon mainly because they are constantly active in performing and recording. I do very much like Ophelia, and would hope they will come to America in the near future so I can hear and see them in person in California.

9. Mostly I don't like ragtime orchestras -- prefer piano

10. Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra

11. The Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra

12. San Francisco-based "The Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra". Offering classical ragtime music played in the old tradition but also performing their own compositions in the best tradition of this good idiom!

13. The Porcupine Ragtime Ensemble from Sacramento - a really original sound and lots of fun.

14. I just vote for my own orchestra "Ragtime Society Frankfurt" http://www.ragtime-society.de to add it to the list. Of course I love the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra

15. Not to forget the Humboldt Ragtime Band from Eureka, California. They were great at the West Coast Ragtime Festival, 2002. Nice to hear folks like Chrysanthemum and Dawn of the Century bands, but they're no longer performing.

16. Myself, I prefer the ragtime played by the Barfota Jazzmen, Sundsvall, Sweden.

17. The Ophelia is the most effective ragtime ensemble today in large part because of Morten's uniquely thoughtful arrangments and musical guidance. David Thomas Roberts

18. For a single performer nothing beats John Arpin playing anything of Hal Isbitz's.

19. pleae add the New Century Ragtime Orchestra Newcastle Upon Tyne England, we need the publicity!!!!!

20. Please add Barfota Jazzmen Sundsvall/Harnosand

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