Ragtime Poll #3

Ragtime Pianists

Who is your favourite ragtime pianist?
  1. Morten Gunnar Larsen - 20 (22%)
  2. Mimi Blais - 16 (18%)
  3. Scott Kirby - 7 (7%)
  4. David Thomas Roberts 6 (6%)
  5. John Arpin 4 (4%)
  6. Brian Keenan 3 (3%)
  7. Dick Zimmerman 3 (3%)
  8. Frank French 1 (1%)
  9. Tony Caramia 0 (0%)
  10. Other (add comment) 28 (31%)
88 Total votes

Period: 2002.09.09 - 2003.01.23

Additional Comments:

1. Gale Foehner

2. John Gill

3. Mimi Blais Nan Bostick

4. There's more to being a "ragtime pianist" than the ability to play rags. A ragtime pianist is someone with a distinct style that not only colors the way he or she plays rags, but also the way they apply that style to non-ragtime material and convert it to ragtime. Dick Zimmerman is the only pianist on this list that has a firm grasp of this concept. He is the only one that you could transport back in time to years of ragtime's popularity and would be able to fit in well and thrive. Todd Robbins.

5. My vote was for Trebor J Tichenor, who is very even and firmly located in an authentic style

6. Oh, my goodness! How can DTR have no votes at all? He's a close second in my books!

7. Jeff Barnhart -- the most EXCITING ragtime player on the planet! His duets with Brian Holland (who's great,too!) are fantastic!

8. Mimi Blais should have higher ratings - there was also a "note-basher/grazer" in this list, who doesn't belong in ANY keyboard poll, Ratime included. The late Wally Rose was one of my favourites, while DTR, John Arpin and Masanobu Ikemiya are among my favorites. If you hear Masanobu play THE BANJO by Gottschalk, it transcends any other (more celebrated) pianist in the roster, for that type of composition. Wish I could split my vote between DTR, Arpin, Mimi and Frank French, plus add another % for Maine's own Glenn Jenks. Lots of great pianists, today! Regards, (signed) Douglas Henderson ARTCRAFT Music Rolls, Wiscasset, ME 04578 USA http://www.wiscasset.net/artcraft/

9. Johnny Maddox

10. It seems to me that your list is very small. While,it lists some of the great ragtime pianists, it also includes some who are not very good. Anyway, Mimi Blais for my money is the world's finest ragtime pianist. Without a doubt, she is the crowd favorite at the West Coast Ragtime Festival. Some of the pros can glide over mistakes they make. As for Mimi, I don't know how she would handle that - she just doesn't do it.

11. Why are Charley Thompson, Glover Compton, Joe Jordan, Eubie Blake, Brun Campbell, Blind Boone, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Jelly Roll Morton ... (I could go on for ever) ... not featured as options? They where GOOD ragtime pianists!

12. I vote for Paul Asaro. Mimi Blais is also very good but I only get one vote.

13. Hard to choose. Can we do a weighted vote so we can vote for more than one?

14. I like Dick Hyman

15. John Gill or Alex Hassen - Flip a coin!

16. Mr. Larsen is technically, musically and stylistic the finest of all contemporary ragtime piano players. He has understood what ragtime is all about. Listen to his records, and you will understand what I mean. There are hundreds of good pianists playing ragtime, but very, very few outstanding ones. Trygve Hernęs, Trondheim, Norway.

17. Max Morath

18. Morten Gunnar Larsen is my choice because he ads some new twists to the old tunes without devoiding from the core of the ragtime style// Peter Arner, Bromma Sweden

19. Trebor Tichenor. While he is not as technically proficient as some of the others listed, he embraces the soul of ragtime.

20. Never heard any of them except Zimmerman. My vote goes to Max Morath.

21. Alex Sandor.

22. Wally Rose!!!!

23. "Perfesser" Bill Edwards

24. Paul Asaro needs to be added to your vote list. One needs to hear his performance to realize his unique, exceptional abilities. I have heard several of the performers you have listed, and feel Paul is exceptional. He plays ragtime and stride including, Willie the Lion Smith, James P. Johnson, Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, Scott Joplin, James Scott, etc. plus many of the accepted ragtime selections. He not only has an unusually extensive repertiore, in addition, he takes/asks for requests, which I don't seem to encounter much with other performers. His execution, interpretations of composers is accurate, excellent improvisational skills and ability to accompany groups, singers, is amazing!

25. Brun Campbell, who is a REAL ragtime pianist.

26. Ragtime Bob Darch


28. Bob Darch

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