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The Flowers

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Queen of the Evening (Mateusz Watroba, 1997). It was composed in August, 1997, when I realized that, quite unexpectedly, I had a lot of occasions to meet new girls. I had just called one of them and the conversation was so edifying that I titled this piece as a kind of tribute, despite the fact that she has never become my girlfriend. [Mateusz Watroba]

Queen Rag, The - March and Two Step (Floyd Willis, 1911). "The Queen Rag" by Floyd Willis was published in 1911 by The Joseph Krolage Music Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. The cover says, "As Played On The Steamer Island Queen", and features the picture of that riverboat. This is one of two rags on this website, that were played on the "Island Queen" (the other one is "Chimes - A Novelty Rag" by Homer Denney).

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