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The Flowers

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Keystone (William Rowland, 1973). "Keystone", winner of the Joplin, Missouri, Centennial Music Composition Contest in 1973, was written for my wife Linda. [William Rowland]

Kitty - Foxtrot (René Richard Schmal, 1919). "Kitty - Foxtrot" was written by the Austrian composer René Richard Schmal and copyrighted in 1919 by Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky), Leipzig. René Richard Schmal was born on December 25, 1897 in Vienna, where he worked as an art dealer. He composed popular piano pieces and songs. "Kitty" was discovered in Vienna by Christian Reichel.

Knice and Knifty (Roy Bargy & Charley Straight, 1922). "Knice and Knifty" was written in collaboration with Charley Straight. Straight, in addition to being an outstanding roll arranger and performer, was himself an orchestra leader during the twenties and a prolific composer of pop songs. This is a most complex piano work.

Kristin (William Ryden, 1977). This is a song in modified rag form. A gentle, pulsing figure in the left hand colors the first strain in Bb major. The second is in G minor and follows without repeat before resolving to Bb and returning to the first theme. A longer, rising melodic line in Gb major provides contrast and eventually leads to a final statement of the opening theme and an ending that dies away.

It is a memory of another time and place and a girl of uncommon grace and loveliness. [William Ryden]

Krusenberg Rag (Ragnar Hellspong, 2000). "Krusenberg Rag" was composed in the summer of year 2000 as a contribution to the first Swedish Ragtime Meeting in August 2000 that was held in my home in Bromma. It has kind of a folk rag feeling i.e. it is melodical without heavy chords. "Krusenberg Rag" was originally called "Snowball Rag" but I renamed it when I moved to a place called Krusenberg. [Ragnar Hellspong]

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