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The Flowers

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Impromptu Violet (Gilles Monfort, 2000). The musical idea for this piece was born in composer's mind on a bus on his way home after a long day at the university. As you can hear, it sounds more like stride rather than ragtime because of its swung rhythm and the many tenths in the left hand. Gilles called the rag "Impromptu Violet", because "violet" was the colour he saw when he listened to this piece. He has composed many other "coloured" piano pieces, and "Impromptu Violet" is now part of a syncopated suite for piano called "Crépuscule".

In Joyful Mood (Mateusz Watroba, 1996). Again, composed by my method "improvise and record". It was composed in March, 1996, when I was still uncertain about Kate, but that very day, I had a joyful mood, so I gave such a title to the piece. [Mateusz Watroba]

In October (Mateusz Watroba, 1993). The most funny thing is that it was really composed in October, 1993. In 1993, we had a very sunny autumn in Poland. I had already smothered my grief related to Edith, tried to enjoy my life and look for new chances. It was a very shallow joy - the grief was still lurking in the depth of my soul. However, the outline is optimistic. [Mateusz Watroba]

Introspection Rag (David Beattie, 1999). "Introspection Rag" was written with the aim of capturing the introspective soul-searching that I experienced (as I think others also do) during my mid-life crisis years. When played gently, the rag to me has this mood. However, rags can evoke different moods depending on how they are performed, and in the version presented here, as sequenced by Irwin Schwartz, the mood expressed is instead one of joyful exuberance and unbounded vitality. (Thank you, Irwin, for drawing my attention to the joy that, although hidden, must have also been within me during that period.) [David Beattie]

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