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The Flowers

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Ghost Castle Rag - A Gothic Rag (Benjamin Intartaglia, 1999). "Ghost Castle Rag" was written in October 1999, and is dedicated to Gynou C. One night I dreamed I was in an old Gothic castle hearing a piano played by a ghost. Next day I composed this rag, which is like a music for a silent movie. [Benjamin Intartaglia]

Gift, The (El Regalo) (Ezequiel Pallejá, 2000). Listening to good ragtime is like receiving an unexpected gift. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Global Stomp (Ezequiel Pallejá, 1988). This piece is my dedication to one of the most original composers and performers of all time - Jelly Roll Morton. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Good Old Times (Mateusz Watroba, 1993). Composed during winter holidays, again in my home town, on the 7th of February, 1993. My inspirations were early ragtime pieces played on banjo by Vess L. Osman. Actually, I composed this piece for banjo. Just try - if you have a MIDI equipment, turn the sound to "banjo" - and you will see the difference. [Mateusz Watroba]

Grace of Winter (Mateusz Watroba, 1994). Composed in January, 1994. If you asked me what was my insipration for this piece - I would not have much to say. I just started playing, and the title was given according to the time when it was composed. [Mateusz Watroba]

Graduation March, The (Hamish Davidson, 2000). "The Graduation March" is a sentimental rag to me because I composed it on the day which I graduated from year 12. This is the most cohesive of all my rags. I barely put any effort into it at all, as Iet it write itself. The A section reflects the sadness of leaving friends behind. However, in its second half, smiles can be heard where sweet memories are recalled. The B section explores a new theme in the same key. After the A section is recollected once over, a suspiciously happy theme is introduced. Initially, this section is deceivingly simple, until 3/4 patterns are imposed. I dedicate this rag to all my friends which helped me survive the 13 years I spent at school. [Hamish Davidson]

Grief and Sorrow (Mateusz Watroba, 1995). Composed on the 1st of September, 1995. I just came to realise that Kate was not constant in her feelings. She was a kind of woman who needed changes. I did not. I wanted her, she hesitated. Anxiety and uncertainty sneaked in to my heart, and I express it in the piece. [Mateusz Watroba]

Gussied Up (William Rowland, 1993). "Gussied Up", copyright 1993 was actually written in about 1988 and was lost for several years. [William Rowland]

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