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The Flowers

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Far from Home (Mateusz Watroba, 1992). The piece was composed in November, 1992. I was very accustomed to living with my parents - they are my best friends up till now. When I began my studies at the Medical Academy of Warsaw, I had to leave my home, but I visited my parents every weekend, going to Warsaw on Monday mornings. In 1992 the schedule of third year students' classes made it impossible, and it was the feeling related to this which I wanted to express, especially in the first two strains. [Mateusz Watroba]

Favorite, The (Scott Joplin, 1904). Although published in 1904, it was written in 1900. In fact, the B section with its minor tonality (G minor) going to its relative major (B flat) is similiar to the writing of the "Ragtime Dance", probably written at the same time. D section harks back to the A section, very march-like.

Feuille de Cognassier - Une Douceur (Benjamin Intartaglia, 2002). "Feuille de Cognassier" (meaning "Quince Tree Leaf" in English) was composed in Paris during one night on June 26, 2002. This is a classic ragtime piece, truly representative of my compositional style: I prefer to use classic elements, inherited from the Golden Era (for instance, form, patterns, etc.), and try to infuse some melodic and rhythmic novelties. In perfect neo-romantic tradition it bears a flower/tree name. The exotic title reflects the gently pensive mood and atmosphere I wanted to create in this new rag-tango, which has the structure of AA BB CC A. The B-section utilizes a very well-known traditional strain used in most classic rags, such as "J.J.J. Rag" (Jordan), or "Delmar Rag" (Thompson). The march-type (oom-pah) bass line in the Trio section (which is written in a subdominant key), differs from the bass figure used in the first two strains, which creates a slighty mobile sensation. The first strain is restated at the end, so as to make a pessimistically optimistic (?) conclusion. "Feuille de Cognassier" is a live-recorded MIDI sequence played by yours truly on a Disklavier Yamaha MPX1. [Benjamin Intartaglia]

Flinders Street Station Rag (Paul Copeland, 2000). Flinders Street Railway Station is at the very centre of the Melbourne City shopping centre. From the station you can see just opposite St. Paul's Cathedral (Anglican Church) and opposite that Young and Jackson's' Hotel, a famous hotel in the area. Just down from the station is Crown Casino as well as the Concert Hall. All are within short walking distance of each other. From Flinders Street Station it is possible to take a train to just about anywhere in Victoria, sometimes by linking to other trains at other stations. [Paul Copeland]

Footrot Rag (Hamish Davidson, 2000). After becoming overwhelmed by Paul Copeland's ability to churn out quality rags one after the other, I realised that I hadn't composed seriously for some time. Gallons of my blood and sweat went into this doozie. I have started to come up with appealing melodies, which is the aim of composing afterall. I composed most of this work whilst I should have been studying my school books. However, I managed to pass my parents on this one considering it is also part of a school work requirement. [Hamish Davidson]

For Dorothy (Mateusz Watroba, 1998). I met Dorothy at the end of August, 1997. She liked me, I liked her, and she - unlike Kate - was constant in her feelings. After two months of dating we became lovers, and in September 1998 - we got married. As yet, I regard our marriage as successful. The piece was composed on the 28th of January, 1998. [Mateusz Watroba]

Forest Park Stroll, The (James F. Andris, 1994). Forest Park is a fabulous place. It was built out of a swamp in time for the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, and Scott Joplin played there. He was right next to John Philip Sousa with his marching band, and was fairly drowned out by the competition. The actual rag pictures two lovers going for an early evening stroll in Forest Park around the time of the World's Fair. [James F. Andris]

Fran's Adventures (Las Aventuras de Fran) (Ezequiel Pallejá, 1999). The character of this rag reminds me of my son, Fran. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Friendly Rag (Rag amistoso) (Ezequiel Pallejá, 2001). Like user-friendly computer software, this rag sounds comfortable and fills my expectations in an easy way. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Füstfaragó (Smoke Carver) Rag (Tamás Ittzés, 2002). "Füstfaragó Rag" was written to one of the sponsors of the International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival (2002) in Kecskemét, and performed there by the composer.

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