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Ed's Running Rag (Tamás Ittzés, 1990). This rag was written in Midland, Michigan in July 1990 and is dedicated to the ragtime historian Edward A. Berlin. They met in 1990 in the USA during Tamás' vacation from his studies at the conservatory of Budapest. The melodies in this rag move forward in a brisk tempo of 110 quarter notes and together with the hectic final strain this creates a feeling of someone being in a hurry. "Ed's Running Rag" is published in a folio entitled "Four Rags" (© 1993, Kecskemét Jazz Foundation) and has been regularly played by Mimi Blais at US festivals.

Eddy, The (El Torbellino) (Ezequiel Pallejá, 2006). An ideas eddy, a mix of rememberings, a chaos. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Elizabethan Rag (William Rowland, 1998). "Elizabethan Rag" has perhaps a little more classical sound than some of my other rags. I wrote it in 1998 for my niece Elizabeth Rowland Hogue, who also showed an interest in my music writing. [William Rowland]

El Profeta (Ezequiel Pallejá, 2000). This is one of my latest rags. It's a sum of melodies without any structure, but I think that it has a uniform conception. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Entertainer, The (Scott Joplin, 1902). Written in 1902 this is, without a doubt, the most well-known of Scott Joplin rags. The odd thing is that when people hear it they often say "Oh, I recognize the first part, that's "The Sting", but what was that other tune you added at the end?". Despite the arrangment used in that film, "The Entertainer" consists, as do the vast majority of rags, of an intro and four sections played in an Intro/AA/BB/A/CC/DD format. In this particular case, a short interlude has been added between the 3rd and 4th sections.

Entertainment (William Rowland, 1973). "Entertainment", one of my first rags, composed in 1973 for my mother, who encouraged me in my musical endeavors. [William Rowland]

Entropy Rag - A Chaotical Two-Step (Joakim Stenshäll, 1988). The Swedish ragtime composer Joakim Stenshäll wrote this rag in 1988 during his stay in the USA. The dedication line reads: "Reproachfully dedicated to Steve Israel". This rag is full of originality and has the same kind of vitality as many of James Scott's rags. Marked "Tempo di suicido" it has the following inscription beside: "N.B. The pianist may feel free to approach Armageddon, smiling and stamping his left foot. Composer".

Euclid Avenue Rag, The (James F. Andris, 1994). "The Euclid Avenue Rag" describes musical a 10 block strip in the Central West End in St. Louis. It used to be the "Greenwich Village" of St. Louis. Dressel's Café is there, where once a month the Friends of Scott Joplin hold their Ragtime Rendezvous. [James F. Andris]

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