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Daisy Variations Rag (Ezequiel Pallejá, 1999). Based on the popular children song "Daisy, Daisy", a 3/4 waltz, I composed six variations in ragtime 2/4 style, on June 16, 1999. The first variation presents the well-known melody. The second, third and fourth are typical rag based rhythms. The fifth is a slow minor drag, while the last is a quick and a brilliant one (at least I think so). [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Dave and Charlie's Rag (William Rowland, 1999). "Dave and Charlie's Rag" was the winner of the 1999 Scott Joplin Ragtime Composition Contest, and is dedicated to my friends David Nichols and Charles Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who showed an interest in my Ragtime. [William Rowland]

Digital Rag (Ronald Ross, 1999). "Digital Rag" was composed in late December 1999 while waiting at a friend's house for him to print some copies of a digital photo of myself. His marvelous old beat-up upright piano practically wrote the tune itself. Funny how an instrument can suggest a melodic and rhythmic approach to a piece of music. [Ronald Ross]

Dish Washer Rag (Rag del lavacopas) (Ezequiel Pallejá, 2001). The title refers to one of the least-valued and underappreciated occupations. I have respect for dish washers. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

Duplex Rag (Rag de la Casa de Alto) (Ezequiel Pallejá, 2001). When I was a child, there was only one duplex in my neighborhood. It was unoccupied and my friends and I would love to explore it. [Ezequiel Pallejá]

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