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The Flowers

57 Different Kinds of Blues
Catalog Number
8300 Sierra College Blvd., Suite D
Roseville, California 95661
(916) 791-8079
Year Released

  1. Alabama Bound (The Alabama Blues) (Robert Hoffman) - Richard Zimmerman
  2. I'm a Stationary Woman... (Andy Razaf) - Tamas Ittzes
  3. Organ Grinder Blues (Clarence Williams) - Gale Foehner
  4. Birmingham Blues ( McCord and Matthews) - Mike Montgomery
  5. Yellow Dog Blues (WC Handy) - Trebor Tichenor
  6. Canal Street Blues (Joe Oliver and Louis Armstrong) - Molly Kaufmann
  7. Fort Worth Blues (Euday Bowman) - Tom Brier
  8. I'm Tired of Fattening Frogs for Snakes (Carrie Edwards) - Elliott Adams
  9. King of the Zulus (Richard M. Jones) - David T. Roberts
  10. Aunt Hagar's Blues (WC Handy) - Jim Hession
  11. You've Got the Right Key, but... (Cl. Williams and L. Green) - John Gill
  12. Shave 'Em Dry (Sam Wishnuff) - Elliott Adams
  13. Colorado Blues (Euday Bowman) - Richard Zimmerman
  14. Down and Out Blues (W. Earthman Farrell/Arthur Sizemore) - Molly Kaufmann
  15. Mamie's Blues (attr. to Mamie Desdoumes) - David T. Roberts
  16. Atlanta Rag (WC Handy) - Scott Kirby
  17. Buddy Bolden's Blues (?) - Gale Foehner
  18. Mama's Gone, Goodbye (Peter Bocage and AJ Piron) - Mike Montgomery
  19. Oh! Those Blues (Biese, Klickman, and Murphy) - Richard Zimmerman
  20. Corrina Corrina (Parrish, Chapman, Williams) - Gale Foehner
  21. 57 Diff'rent Kinds of Blues (Sam Ehrlich/Turner Layton) - Elliott Adams

A Century of Ragtime 1897-1997 (2 CDs)
Catalog Number
American Ragtime Company
15522 Ricky Ct.
Grass Valley, California 95949
Year Released

Disc 1 Tracks
  1. Stars and Stripes Forever (Eubie Blake)
  2. Charleston Rag (Eubie Blake)
  3. Harlem Rag (Trebor Tichenor)
  4. Maple Leaf Rag (Dick Hyman)
  5. Kitten on the Keys (Dick Hyman)
  6. Rags to Burn (Richard Zimmerman)
  7. The Entertainer (Zimmerman)
  8. 12th Street Rag (Zimmerman)
  9. Pickles and Peppers (Max Morath)
  10. The Easy Winners (Morath)
  11. One for Amelia (Morath)
  12. April Fool Rag (Mimi Blais)
  13. Musical Massacre (Blais)
  14. Scott Joplin's New Rag (Joshua Rifkin)
  15. The Ragtime Dance (Rifkin)
  16. The Chevy Chase (John Arpin & Catherine Wilson)
  17. Bohemia (Arpin & Wilson)
  18. Toad Stool Rag (Morton Gunnar Larsen)
  19. Graceful Ghost (William Bolcom)
  20. Roberto Clemente (David Thomas Roberts)

Disc 2 Tracks
  1. Mississippi Rag (St. Louis Ragtimers)
  2. Echoes from the Snowball Club (Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra)
  3. Belle of the Philippines (Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra)
  4. Eli Green's Cake Walk (Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra)
  5. Dixie Blossoms (Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra)
  6. Cotton Pickers Rag and Cakewalk (The New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra)
  7. Mephisto Rag (The New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra)
  8. St. Louis Rag (Paragon Ragtime Orchestra)
  9. Black and White Rag (Paragon Ragtime Orchestra)
  10. Frog Legs Rag (The New England Ragtime Ensemble)
  11. Castle House Rag (The New England Ragtime Ensemble)
  12. Grace and Beauty (The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra)
  13. Reindeer Rag (The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra)
  14. Cleopatra Rag (The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra)
  15. Harmony Rag (Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra)
  16. American Beauty (Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra)
  17. The Rag Baby (The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Symphony Band)
  18. Gold Rush Rag (The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Symphony Band)

A Ragtime Primer, Vol. 1
Catalog Number
8300 Sierra College Blvd., Suite D
Roseville, California 95661
(916) 791-8079
Year Released

  1. Harlem Rag (Tom Turpin) - Trebor Tichenor
  2. Tickled to Death (Charles Hunter) - David Thomas Roberts
  3. Dixie Queen (Robert Hoffmann) - Trebor Tichenor
  4. Texas Rag (Callis W. Jackson) - David Thomas Roberts
  5. Sunflower Slow Drag (Joplin/Hayden) - Scott Kirby
  6. Hilarity Rag (James Scott) - Frank French
  7. Cottontail Rag (Joseph Lamb) - Scott Kirby
  8. At a Georgia Camp Meeting (Kerry Mills) - Richard Zimmerman
  9. Black and White Rag (George Botsford) - John Gill
  10. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee (John Muir) - Richard Zimmerman
  11. The Georgia Grind (Ford Dabney) - Tex Wyndham
  12. Sunshine Capers (Roy Bargy) - Elliot Adams
  13. Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey) - Max Morath
  14. Memphis Blues (W.C. Handy) - Richard Zimmerman
  15. Rooster Rag (Muriel Pollock) - Max Morath
  16. Charleston Rag (Eubie Blake) - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  17. Steeplechase Rag (James P. Johnson) - Max Morath
  18. Perfect Rag (Jelly Roll Morton) - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  19. King Porter Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton) - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  20. Through the Bottomlands (David T. Roberts) - composer
  21. Polyragmic (Max Morath) - composer
  22. Belle of Louisville (Frank French) - composer

Frontiers - New World Piano Music
Catalog Number
8300 Sierra College Blvd., Suite D
Roseville, California 95661
(916) 791-8079
Year Released

  1. Washington County Breakdown (David T. Roberts) - David T. Roberts
  2. Columbine (Scott Kirby) - Scott Kirby
  3. Bucktown Buck (Frank French) - Frank French
  4. For Robin Holtz Williams (David T. Roberts) - David T. Roberts
  5. The Banjo (Gottschalk) - Frank French
  6. Searchlite Rag (Joplin) - Scott Kirby
  7. Fontainebleau Drive (David T. Roberts) - David T. Roberts
  8. La Cumbia (Frank French) - Frank French
  9. Pineapple Rag (Joplin) - Scott Kirby
  10. Kansas City Stomp (Morton) - David T. Roberts
  11. Paramount Rag (James Scott) - Frank French
  12. The Alaskan Rag (Joseph Lamb) - Scott Kirby
  13. Myosotis (Nazareth) - David T. Roberts
  14. Original Rags (Joplin) - Frank French
  15. Gladiolus Rag (Joplin) - David T. Roberts
  16. Troubador Rag (James Scott) - Frank French
  17. 4th of July Medley (various) - Scott Kirby

Real Ragtime: Disc Recordings from its Heyday
Catalog Number
Archeophone Records 1001
Archeophone Records
1350 S. Smith Rd.
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
Year Released

  1. Florida Rag (Vess L. Ossman, 1907)
  2. When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag on His Old Banjo (Arthur Collins, 1912)
  3. Booster Fox Trot (Victor Military Band, 1915)
  4. Berkeley March (Cullen and Collins, 1898)
  5. Hu-la Hu-la Cake Walk (Sousa's Band, 1901)
  6. Dill Pickles Rag (William H. Reitz, 1922)
  7. Cakewalk (John J. Kimmel, 1907)
  8. Everybody Rag with Me (American Quartet, 1915)
  9. Creole Belles (Orchestra, 1902). By the Sycamore Tree (Ossman and Hunter, 1904)
  10. The International Rag (Collins and Harlan, 1913)
  11. Silver Heels (Fred Van Eps, 1919)
  12. Canhanibalmo Rag (Arthur Pryor's Band, 1911)
  13. A Coon Band Contest (Vess L. Ossman, 1901)
  14. You're Talking Rag-Time (Arthur Collins, 1900)
  15. Whipped Cream (Fred Van Eps, 1913)
  16. Deiro Rag (Guido Deiro, 1912). Old Folks Rag (Van Eps Trio, 1914)
  17. Ragged William (Metropolitan Orchestra, 1901)
  18. Ragtime Temple Bells (Billy Murray, 1915)
  19. Russian Rag (Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra, 1918)
  20. Hungarian Rag (Pietro Deiro, 1914)
  21. Wild Cherry Rag (Eddie Morton, 1909)
  22. The King of Rags (Arthur Pryor's Band, 1907)
  23. Darkies Awakening (Vess L. Ossman, 1904)
  24. Cohan's "Rag Babe" (Arthur Collins, 1908)
  25. Some Baby (Van Eps Banjo Orchestra, 1914)
  26. Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band ('Gene Greene, 1917)

Terra Verde
Catalog Number
Viridiana Productions
P.O. Box 56763
New Orleans, Louisiana 70156-6763
Year Released

  1. Chandelier Rag (Hal Isbitz) Scott Kirby
  2. To Nita (David Thomas Roberts) David Thomas Roberts
  3. Sosua (Glenn Jenks) Frank French
  4. Womba Bomba (Frank French) French
  5. Revenge (from New Orleans Streets) (David Thomas Roberts) Roberts
  6. Miranda (Hal Isbitz) French
  7. Intermezzo (Frank French) Kirby
  8. North Star (Brian Keenan) Roberts
  9. Lone Jack to Knob Noster (Jack Rummel) French
  10. Waltz (Scott Kirby) Kirby
  11. On the Trail of the Conestoga Wagons (Frank French) French
  12. Raul Casso in Laredo (David Thomas Roberts) Roberts
  13. Nocturne in C# Minor (Scott Kirby) Roberts
  14. The Big Man (Tom McDermott) Kirby
  15. Recovery Parts 1 & 2 (from the suite The Journey Home) (Scott Kirby) Kirby

The Greatest Ragtime of the Century: Classic Ragtime, Blues and Stomps - Solos from Rare Piano Rolls
Catalog Number
Biograph Records, Inc.
35 Medford Street, Suite 203
Somerville, Massachussetts 02143
Year Released

    Played by Jelly Roll Morton
  1. Shreveport Stomp
  2. Sweet Man
  3. Tom Cat Blues

    Played by Thomas "Fats" Waller

  4. A New Kind of Man with a New Kind of Love for Me
  5. Nobody But My Baby
  6. Got to Cool My Doggies Now

    Played by Scott Joplin

  7. Maple Leaf Rag
  8. Weeping Willow Rag
  9. Something Doing

    Played by James P. Johnson

  10. Steeplechase Rag
  11. Twilight Rag

    Played by Eubie Blake

  12. Charleston Rag
  13. It's Right Here for You
  14. Fare Thee Honey Blues

    Played by Jimmy Blythe

  15. Mr. Freddie Blues

    Played by Jimmy Blythe and Charles Clark

  16. Regal Stomp

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