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R.M.S., Recordings
TurpinTyme Ragsters CD
4525 Cambridge
Kansas City, KS 66103
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  1. Smiles & Chuckles (F. Henri Klickmann)
  2. Fizz Water (Eubie Blake)
  3. Ragtime Betty (James Scott)
  4. Crazybone Rag (Charles L. Johnson)
  5. Dixie Girl (Jens Bodewalt Lampe)
  6. Carolina Shout (James P. Johnson)
  7. The Buffalo Rag (Tom Turpin)
  8. Cleopha (Scott Joplin)
  9. Beedle-Um-Bo (Charles L. Johnson)
  10. Hot Chocolate Rag (Malvin Franklin/Arthur Lang)
  11. Grandpa's Spells ("Jelly Roll"Morton)
  12. Apple Jack, "Some Rag" (Charles L. Johnson)
  13. Kansas City Rag (James Scott)
  14. Mississippi Rag (William H. Krell)
  15. Slippery Elm Rag (Clarence Woods)
  16. Raggy Trombone (W. H. Kiefer)
  17. All the Money (Charles L. Johnson)
  18. Tar Babies (Charles L. Johnson)
  19. Trouble Rag (Morrison/Crabb)

Kansas City was a virtual "hot bed" of ragtime activity in 1903; music composers and publishers were abundant. Ninety years later, in 1993, with a desire to play music from a bygone era, the "TurpinTyme Ragsters" were formed. We armed ourselves with a list of local ragtime "Hall of Fame" composers and traced their music from Kansas City to Sedalia to St. Louis and beyond. The album was digitally recorded in March 1997 and is offered for $17.95 which includes postage and handling.
We hope you enjoy our efforts!

The "Ragsters".

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