Jean-Pierre Rampal's CD releases

The Flowers

Joplin, Rags for Flute and Piano
Catalog Number
MK 37818
Available from
BMG Music Services Online
Year Released

  1. Maple Leaf Rag
  2. Elite Syncopations
  3. Bethena: A Concert Waltz
  4. Combination March
  5. The Entertainer: A Ragtime Two Step
  6. The Cascades: A Rag
  7. Cleopha: March and Two Step
  8. The Ragtime Dance
  9. The Chrysanthemum: An Afro-American Intermezzo
  10. The Favorite: Ragtime Two Step
  11. Original Rags
  12. Harmony Club Waltz
  13. Great Crush Collision: March

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