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The Flowers

Available from:

William L. Cahn Publishing
8740 Wesely Road
Holcomb, New York 14469
Tel/Fax 716-582-2508

William L. Cahn is a composer/arranger and member of Nexus.
Nexus Ragtime Concert
Catalog Number
NEXUS 10284
Nexus Records
Year Released

  1. Triplets (Green/Becker)
  2. Cross Corners (Green/Becker)
  3. The Whistler (Green/Becker)
  4. Nola (Arndt/Green/Cahn)
  5. Rainbow Ripples (Green/Becker)
  6. Xylophonia (J.Green/Becker)
  7. Dill Pickles (Johnson/Becker)
  8. Jovial Jasper (Green/Becker)
  9. The Ragtime Robin (Green/Becker)
  10. Stop Time (Green/Becker)
  11. Log Cabin Blues (Green/Becker)
"Green" without an initial refers to George Hamilton Green, an xylophone virtuoso and composer who recorded frequently on 78s. "Becker" is Bob Becker, the xylophone soloist on the CD who was accompanied by Nexus. The arrangements are all new.
Nexus Plays the Novelty Music of George Hamilton Green
Catalog Number
NEXUS 10273
Nexus Records
Year Released

  1. Fluffy Ruffles (Green/Cahn)
  2. Rajah (Green/Gecker)
  3. Frivolity (Green/Cahn)
  4. An Indian Story (Green/Becker)
  5. Valse Brilliante (Green/Becker)
  6. Chromatic Fox Trot (Green/Becker)
  7. Dottie Dimples (Green/Arden/Cahn)
  8. Keep Movin' (Green/Becker)
  9. The Humming Bird (Green/Becker)
  10. The Ragtime Robin (Green/Becker)
  11. Spanish Waltz (Green/Becker)
  12. Charleston Capers (Green Becker)

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