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The Flowers

William Bolcom: The Complete Rags for Piano (2 CDs)
Catalog Number
TROY 325/26
Albany Records
915 Broadway
Albany NY 12207
fax: 518-436-0643
Year Released

Disc 1 Tracks
  1. Eubie's Luckey Day (Rag Obsession)
  2. Three Ghost Rags:
    • Graceful Ghost Rag
    • The Poltergeist (Rag Fantasy)
    • Dream Fantasy
  3. Raggin' Rudi
  4. The Gardenia (Slow Drag)
  5. Tabby Cat Walk (Slow Two-step)
  6. California Porcupine Rag
  7. Rag-Tango (rev. 1988)
  8. Last Rag

Disc 2 Tracks
  1. Knight Hubert
  2. Three Classic Rags:
    • Glad Rag
    • Epitaph for Louis Chauvin (Slow Drag)
    • Incineratorag
  3. Seabiscuits (from three popular rags)
  4. Fields of Flowers
  5. The Garden of Eden:
    • Old Adam (Two Step)
    • The Eternal Feminine (Slow Drag)
    • The Serpent's Kiss (Rag Fantasy)
    • Through Eden's Gates (Cakewalk)
  6. Lost Lady Rag
  7. Epithalamium
According to the booklet, Murphy lives in New Orleans, is a recitalist and teaches at Loyola University of the South. Bolcom himself wrote the liner notes.

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