Philip Matlin's CD releases

The Flowers

Ragtime Magic
Catalog Number
Perfect Magic
4781 Van Horne Ave., Suite 206
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3W 1J1
Year Released

  1. Crazy Bone Rag (Chas. Johnson)
  2. Cry (Churchill Kohlemann)
  3. Fort Worth Blues (Euday Bowman)
  4. Gladiolus Rag (Scott Joplin)
  5. Kent Street Blues (Phil & Evy Matlin)
  6. Frog Legs Rag (James Scott)
  7. The Old Boston Post Road (Galen Wilkes)
  8. After You've Gone (Creamer & Layton)
  9. Wild Cat Blues ( Fats Waller & Clarence Williams)
  10. That Texas Rag (Watson)
  11. Memphis Blues (W.C. Handy)
  12. Red Lion Rag (Tex Wyndham)
  13. We'll Meet Again (Charles & PArker)
  14. Oh! Those Blues (Biese, Klickman & Murphy
  15. Red Rose Rag (Wenrich & Madden)
  16. Lion Tamer Rag (Mark Janza)

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