Eugene List's CD releases

The Flowers

Please note that the two albums listed below, The Banjo and A Night in
the Tropics may also be available as a two-CD set called Gottschalk: Piano
Music and includes an instructional booklet.
The Banjo and Other Creole Ballads, Cuban Dances, Etc.,
Vol. 1
Catalog Number
OVC 4050
Vanguard Classics
Year Released

  1. Le Banjo
  2. The Dying Poet
  3. Souvenir De Porto Rico
  4. Manchega
  5. Le Bananier
  6. Ojos Criollos
  7. Bamboula
  8. The Maiden's Blush
  9. The Last Hope
  10. Suis-Moi
  11. Pasquinade
  12. La Savane
  13. Tournament Galop

A Night in the Tropics, Vol. 2
(with Cary Lewis, Joseph Werner and the Utah Symphony Orchestra)
Catalog Number
OVC 4051
Vanguard Classics
Year Released

  1. La Jota Aragonesa
  2. Souvenirs d'Andalousie
  3. La Gallina
  4. Orfa
  5. Marche de Nuit
  6. Printemps d'Amour
  7. Radieuse
  8. Reponds-moi
  9. Tremolo
  10. L'Etincelle
  11. Ses Yeux
  12. The Union
  13. Grand Tarantelle for Piano and Orchestra, A Night in the Tropics
  14. Andante
  15. Allegro moderato

A Gottschalk Festival
(Eugene List and others)
Catalog Number
CDX 5009
Year Released

  1. Grande Tarantelle for Piano and Orchestra, RO259
  2. A Montevideo, Symphony No. 2, RO257
  3. The Union, Concert Paraphrase on National Airs, RO269
  4. Marche Solennelle, RO154
  5. Radieuse, Grande Valse de Concert, RO217
  6. Ses Yeux, Polka de Concert, RO234
  7. La Gallina, Danse Cubaine, RO100
  8. Ojos Criollos, Danse Cubaine, RO184
  9. Pasquinade, Caprice, RO189
  10. Grande Fantasie Triomphale sur L'Hymne National Bresilien, Opus 69
  11. Marcha Triunfal y Final de Opera, for Orchestra and Band, RO157
  12. La Nuit des Tropiques, Symphony No. 1, RO255
  13. Variations on Portuguese National Hymn, Piano and Orchestra, RO289
  14. Escenas Campestres (Cuban Country Scenes), Opera in One Act, RO77

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