Max Kortlander's CD releases

The Flowers

The Piano Roll Artistry of Max Kortlander
(the album was compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen)
Catalog Number
Smithsonian Folkays
Year Released
1999 (originally released okn LP in 1981)

  1. Blue Clover Man (Kortlander)
  2. No, No, Nora (Fiorito, Erdman and Kahn)
  3. Dueces Wild (Kortlander)
  4. Has Anybody Seen My Corinne (Johnson and Graham)
  5. American Beauty Rag (Lamb)
  6. Dear Old Daddy Long Legs (Von Tilzer)
  7. Derby Day in Dixie (Whiting and Egan)
  8. Shim Me Sha Wabble (Williams)
  9. Climax Rag (Scott)
  10. Let's Try It (Kortlander)
  11. Bo La Bo (Fairman)
  12. Hunting the Ball (Kortlander)
  13. Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider (Munson and Leonard)
  14. Bigamous Blues (Kortlander)
  15. Triangle Jazz Blues (LeClere)
  16. Funeral Rag (Kortlander)
  17. Chicago (Fisher)
  18. Russian Rag (Cobb)

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