Martin Jäger's CD releases

The Flowers

It's Rag Time!
Catalog Number
DR 9213
Downtown Records
Available from
Ragtime Express
5095 Picket Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3617
Year Released

  1. Silver Rag (Martin Jäger)
  2. China Rag (Martin Jäger)
  3. Sentimental Rag (Martin Jäger)
  4. Charm Rag (Martin Jäger)
  5. Magnetic Rag (Scott Joplin)
  6. Solace (Scott Joplin)
  7. Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)
  8. Geranium Festival Rag (Martin Jäger)
  9. Welcome Rag (Martin Jäger)
  10. Cleopatra Rag (Joseph Lamb)
  11. Russian Rag (George L. Cobb)
  12. Jubilee Rag (Winifred Atwell)
  13. Rag Of The Rising Sun (Martin Jäger)
  14. Baroque Rag (Martin Jäger) based on the chorale melody "Sanctify Us By Thy Goodness" by J.S. Bach
  15. Black & White Rag (George Botsford, arr. Winifred Atwell)

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