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The Flowers

You can get these CDs from Tower Records, 1-800-648-4844.
Phantom Fingers
Catalog Number
Stomp Off CD 1322
Stomp Off Records
117 West Lockwood
St. Louis, Missouri 63119
1-314-961-7539 (fax)
Year Released

  1. Originola
  2. Igloo Stomp
  3. Hollywood Stars
  4. Palmy Days Medley
  5. When the White Lilacs Bloom Again
  6. Mindin' the Baby
  7. Phantom Fingers
  8. To Beat the Band Medley
  9. Snowshoes
  10. Hobby Horse Parade
  11. Fantasy on Billy Mayerl Show & Film Tunes
  12. Angel Cake Lady and the Gingerbread Man
  13. Three Syncopated Romances
  14. Perils Of Pauline
  15. Burton Lane Song Fantasy
  16. When We Ride on the Merry-Go-Round

Rediscoveries, Volume 1
Catalog Number
Shellwood Productions
St. Leonards Road
Thames Ditton
Surrey, KT7 ORN
Year Released

    Billy Mayerl - Piano Transcriptions
  1. If You Knew Susie
  2. I Would Like To Know Why?
  3. I love My Baby My Baby Loves Me
  4. Alabamy Bound
    Lothar Perl - Piano Syncopations
  5. Cowboy
  6. 1. Rocking Horse
  7. 2. Crazy Top
  8. Hollywood Stars
  9. Zebra Stripes
  10. The Goldfish
  11. Ducky
    Three Syncopated Romances
  12. Ballade
  13. Nocturne
  14. Rondeau
  15. Black and White
  16. Tim and Tom
  17. Grasshopper Dance
  18. The Last Mohican
    Caroll Gibbons - Medley
  19. a. Possibly
    b. On the Air
    c. Misunderstoodd. I'll be Getting Along
    e. A Garden in the Rainf. Rolling in Money
    Billy Mayerl Transcriptions - Medley
  20. a. When Summer is Gone
    b. Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky
    c. Out of the Dawn
    Billy Mayerl Songs
  21. Saturday Showboat
  22. Apart From Business
  23. Valse Eugene
  24. Never Stop Rainin' Blues
  25. Steak and Kidney Pudding
  26. No Wonder (Nobody Cares For Me)
  27. What More Can I Do
  28. It's Not Fair
  29. What You Going to Do?
  30. A Little Love

Rediscoveries, Volume 2
Catalog Number
Shellwood Productions
St. Leonards Road
Thames Ditton
Surrey, KT7 ORN
Year Released

  1. Burton Lane Fantasy
    a. Your Head on My Shoulder
    b. Bottoms Up
    c. Look Who's Here
    d. What did Romeo say to Juliet
    e. Hear What My Heart is Saying
    f. Swing High....Swing Low
    g. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
    h. Goin' to Town
  2. Irish Country Dance
  3. The London Revue: Billy Mayerl
    a. Hullo London
    b. Somehow, Someday
    c. I'll Take You to Kew
    d. Take Off a Little Bit of This
    e. Down Our Way
    f. Those Men in Blue Blues
    g. Everyone Oughter Love Someone
  4. When The White Lilac Blooms Again
  5. Little Rascals Medley
    a. Little Dancing Girl
    b. Good Old Days
    c. Look at Him Now
    d. The Moon and You
  6. Dance of the Daffodils
  7. Grasshopper
  8. Verbena
    Billy Mayerl Songs arranged by Alex Hassan
  9. Southern Rose
  10. I Shan't Let You Out of My Sight
  11. Would Yer?
  12. Just Keep on Dancing
  13. Love's Lottery
  14. Shoo Your Blues Away
  15. What Might Have Been
  16. Toodle-oo Sal
  17. Ivor Novello Medley
    a. Fold Your Wings
    b. Easy to Live With
    c. Someday My Heart Will Awake
    d. Dark Music
    e. The Thought Never Entered My Head
    f. Glamorous Night
    g. A Girl I Knew
    h. We'll Gather Lilacs
    i. Why isn't it You
    j. Waltz of My Heart
  18. These Foolish Things

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