Dan Grinstead's CD releases

The Flowers

Ragtime Bigtime (Glenn Jenks and Dan Grinstead, pianos)
Catalog Number
Stomp Off CD 1292
Stomp Off Records
117 West Lockwood
St. Louis, Missouri 63119
1-314-961-7539 (fax)
Year Released

  1. Uncle Tom's Cabin (Harry Austin Tierney)
  2. Tickled to Death (Charles Hunter)
  3. The Gondolier (W.C. Powell)
  4. Louisiana (Theodore H. Northrup)
  5. The Smoky Topaz (Grace M. Bolen)
  6. All the Candy (E. Harry Kelly)
  7. Riverside Rag (Charles Cohen)
  8. Impecunious Davis (Frederick "Kerry" Mills)
  9. Charge of the Light Brigade (E.T. Paull)
  10. The Smiler (Percy Wenrich)
  11. Coon Hollow Capers (Frank R. Gillis)
  12. Melrose Rag (Hubert Bauersachs)
  13. Echoes from the Snowball Club (Harry P. Guy)
  14. That Poker Rag (Charlotte Blake)
  15. Kangaroo Hop (Melville Morris)
  16. Colonial Rag (Ernest Ball & Julius Lenzberg)
  17. The Harbour Rag (Glenn Jenks)
  18. Frozen Bill (Arthur Pryor)

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