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The Flowers

Elite Syncopation is a quintet (bass, cello, violin, piano, and
flute/clarinet/saxophone, depending on the score). As they describe it:
"Drawing on a collection of rare period orchestrations and original editions,
the quintet's goal is to re-create historically authentic performaces of
landmarks from the early twentieth century".
Sidewalk Blues
(Landmarks of Ragtime and early Jazz)
Catalog Number
ES 9601
New World Consort, Inc.
121 Sunset Lane
Berline, CT 06037-3127
(860) 828-3563
Year Released

  1. The Cannon Ball
  2. Solace
  3. Sister Kate
  4. A Song of India
  5. Dead Man Blues
  6. Billy Goat Stomp
  7. Wall Street Rag
  8. Hen Cackle Rag
  9. Bethena
  10. One O'Them Things
  11. Pastime Rag #5
  12. Pagan Love Song
  13. Sidewalk blues
  14. Sensation
  15. La Paloma
  16. Nickel in the Slot
  17. The Mooch
  18. Hyena Stomp

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