Susan Boyce's CD releases

The Flowers

Ragtime Sweets
(with pianist Glenn Jenks)
Catalog Number
Smart Set Sound
Year Released

  1. All Alone
  2. My Orchard Is Short Of A Peach Like You
  3. Pine Apple Rag
  4. Temptation Rag
  5. Grizzly Bear
  6. The Oceana Roll
  7. You'd Be Surprised
  8. Cla-wence (Don't Tweat Me So Wuff)
  9. Rebecca (Came Back From Mecca)
  10. Cowbells
  11. Be Sure And Hesitate
  12. Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay
  13. Transportation Medley
    • Row Row Row
    • I'm Wild About Horns On Automobiles That Go Ta Ta Ta Ta
    • Come Josephine In My Flying Machine
  14. Jingo Chili Gee Gee
    • Oh, By Jingo
    • Chili Bean
    • Oh Gee, Say Gee, You Ought To See My Gee Gee From The Fiji Isles
    • Play That Fandango Rag
  15. The Cubanola Glide
  16. That Yodeling Rag

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