Swedish Ragtime Meeting
(Bromma, 20/8-2000)

Peter Lundberg plays a ragtime 

(Photo © 2000, Ulla Kruse)

Peter Lundberg plays a ragtime solo. His repertoire consisted of "Snowy Morning Blues" (James P. Johnson), his own "Gothenburg Rag", "Pastime Rag nr. 5" (Artie Matthews), three Joseph Lamb rags "American Beauty Rag", "Ragtime Nightingale" and a couple of strains from "Rapid-Transit - Slow Drag". He also played a very nice cakewalk with the ugly title "Nigger Alley" (George D. Andrews; arr. John H. Hughes). His numbers with Kjell Waltman were "Swipesy Cake Walk" (Scott Joplin & Arthur Marshall), "That Teasin' Rag" (Joe Jordan) and the song "Moving Day" (Andrew B. Sterling & Harry Von Tilzer).

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