Swedish Ragtime Meeting
(Bromma, 20/8-2000)

Lasse "Jelly Roll" Mattsson 
warming up at the piano.

(Photo © 2000, Ulla Kruse)

Lasse "Jelly Roll" Mattsson came up to play "Fermology", a Swedish rag written ca 1946 by his friend and jazz musician Olav Fermelin. His next number was a memorable performance of "Don't Let It Bother You" (words by Mack Gordon; music by Harry Revel), a song which has been recorded by Fats Waller. In the 1970's Lasse added his own Swedish vocals to it, and this was the version he played for us. This was definitely one of the highlights of our meeting! In his spare time Lasse writes articles for the Swedish jazz magazine "Tradjazzpulsen".

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