Swedish Ragtime Meeting
(Bromma, 20/8-2000)

Kjell Waltman is about to sing 
"Moving Day".

(Photo © 2000, Ulla Kruse)

Kjell Waltman is about to sing "Moving Day" (Andrew B. Sterling & Harry Von Tilzer) accompanied by Peter Lundberg. Lundberg found this song in an old song book. It contained an unusual trio section, which he'd never seen before. The song went like this:

Moving day, moving day,
Rip that carpet up from off the floor,
Take your oil stove coon, and there's the door.
It's moving day:
Pack your folding bed and get away
If you've spent ev'ry cent,
You can live out in a tent,
It's moo--oo, oo, oo, oo, oving day.

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