Swedish Ragtime Meeting
(Bromma, 20/8-2000)

Peter Andersson dusting the 

(Photo © 2000, Ulla Kruse)

Peter Andersson at the piano. He joined the meeting at the end of the ragtime quiz, in which he didn't take part. He concentrated on playing Swedish (and Russian!) rags. Among the pieces he played were "Assassination Rag" (Oleg Mezjuev), "Rag's Rag" (Ragnar Hellspong) and "Smorgasbord Rag" (Peter Lundberg), plus "Zymurgy Rag" and part of "Space Shuffles" by contemporary composer Robin Frost. Later, at the house of Gustaf von Plomgren he also played "Calliope Rag" (James Scott & Bob Darch).

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