Gunnar Boberg

Gunnar Boberg Gunnar Boberg (1890-1949) was a very popular Swedish composer, arranger and pianist. During the 20's he was one of the most recorded Swedish bandleaders. He made 150 recordings on the Ekophon label with "Gunnar Bobergs Dansorkester, Stockholm". These were most likely made in Germany, without any other Swedish admixture, than those compositions by Boberg that were played by the orchestra. In Stockholm he usually appeared with a trio or as a duet pianist. Boberg's work comprises waltzes (such as "Salome", "Tatjana", "Daisy", "Solveig" and "Zaza"), one-steps ("Lucky Dog", "Step-Piquante" and "Texas") and foxtrots (such as "Bohemian Shimmy" and "Aiba, orientalisk foxtrot").

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